Friday 21st March: The Waiting Game

21 Mar

At this point in negotiations in 2013, we had just been let into the conference hall to hear governments finalise the agreed conclusions. This year, however, I am sitting on the floor in the lounge area, wondering what the outcome will be. The most contentious issues, including sexual and reproductive rights, the family (on which I shall write about in more detail later) and national sovereignty have been left to the end and now negotiators are under pressure to reach compromise agreements. Maybe by the time I’ve finished writing this there will be some news…

Earlier on today I attended the final Eucharist with my fellow Anglicans. Alice Medcof, a Mothers’ Union member from Canada presided, and Imaculee Nyiransengimana, our Community Development Coordinator from Rwanda gave the sermon…

Our UK negotiator has just informed us that unfortunately things are not progressing well. After side negotiations within country blocs, certain groups are putting forward language that would weaken the agreements. The CSW Chair also popped out and he stopped to chat to us, explaining how long winded some of interventions were, but also how important it was to stop and consider issues of discrimination, no matter how small a minority of people it affected.

It’s just a matter of waiting now.


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