Tuesday 11th March: Next draft of the agreed conclusions

14 Mar

Someone was obviously working hard in the wee hours, as early Tuesday morning the revised draft (now the third version) of the agreed conclusions made its way into my email inbox. For the first time, certainly since I’ve attended CSW, the agreed conclusions are being made available freely to all. No longer do we have to rely on helpful leaks and subterfuge, which makes the process much easier (if not a little less exhilarating!).

The new draft is down to 30 or so pages, and for the first time there is no indication on which countries or groups of countries have made which amendments. An interesting piece of psychology, perhaps, to persuade NGOs to read through the amendments without prejudice based on who has written them.

Some of our amendments that made it into the compilation draft remain in this draft, although some suggestions have not been included. I beavered away making further amendments and whizzed them over to the UK negotiators and other contacts. Despite being in New York, I think I’ve had better laptop performance and internet connection in South Sudan, so this took up a fair amount of time.

Later, I found a comfy spot in a shiny new lounge in the UN building overlooking the river to do some more work and managed to ‘overhear’ other government delegates discussing their amendments to the agreed conclusions. They were in favour of a paragraph that is not popular with more progressive states and were collaborating on making it more acceptable. Referring to women as a ‘reproductive unit’ is perhaps not the most empowering language!

The UK Government also gave its statement to the CSW, presented by Lynne Featherstone MP. She highlighted the Government’s commitment to giving 0.7% Gross National Income in overseas development assistance and announced that soon all those applying for DFID funding for aid and development will need to prove that they are also taking into account gender issues in what the money will be spent on.

And the evening briefing proved a rich source of information again, this time about progress on the post-2015 development agenda. Whilst there is a lot of agreement on the very detailed High Level Panel report, it is by no means set in stone yet; so there is still the opportunity to lobby on ensuring the next set of goals truly seek to further gender equality.


One Response to “Tuesday 11th March: Next draft of the agreed conclusions”

  1. jocelynclareross March 15, 2014 at 4:55 am #

    Thank you for the updates. Praying. Jocelyn – North West Australia

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