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Highlights of Myanmar Mothers’ Union’s Centenary Celebrations

17 Feb

World Wide President, Lynne Tembey, and myself, were very privileged to be able to attend the centenary celebrations held in Yangon, two weeks ago. To maintain sensitivity to our presence in the country, I have waited until now to put these pictures up whereas normally we like to blog as we experience things in order to give you the most up-to-date and fresh news!

The celebration was marked with three days of activities planned, and 1,700 members from all 6 dioceses came to attend. The centenary celebrations were fully integrated into the Church with Archbishop Stephen Than very involved in all aspects of the occasion. It was actually held on the grass lawn inside Bishops Courts, and many helpers from the Youth Association, Clergy and Men’s Association were involved in the preparations and set up. 

Here are a few of the best pictures we managed to capture while sharing in these celebrations. I hope you enjoy them, and that they help to share the incredible drive, passion and love found among the MU members in Myanmar. From them, we have much to learn; their fellowship is a real inspiration.Image

1,700 members worship during an evensong service.


Archbishop Stephan, Provincial President Nan and World Wide President Lynne officiate over the opening ceremony.


The Men’s Association and Holy Cross Theological School are represented, with a shop selling food and drink to participants.


Feeding the 5,000 (or 1,700!) one of many pans of rice being cooked during the celebrations…


Communicating to such a large number of people presents some challenges (and volume!!)


WWP Lynne presents the Provincial President, Nan, and Archbishop Stephen with a gift.


Facilitating group discussion on future plans for MU


The young face of Mothers’ Union in Myanmar; this is Elizabeth – who was recently appointed as the second Provincial CDC. 


As we attended Eucharist on the Sunday, there was the opportunity for many members to attend a service in the Cathedral for the very first time.


A joke shared, and some of the laughter that filled the celebrations…




Mothers’ Union in Myanmar celebrates Centenary event

11 Feb

Over 1,700 members from all 6 Dioceses within the Province of Myanmar came to Bishopscourt in Yangon, to attend a 3 day celebration of Mothers’ Union in Myanmar last week.