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International Training Event for the Worldwide Parenting Programme

20 Nov

in 2012 we started to plan for an international training of trainers to expand the worldwide parenting programme and build the capacity of the senior facilitators/coordinators in different countries around the world. This was in recognition that as the programme is now in over 20 countries, there is a real need to train more facilitators in more communities, as well as strengthen the local ownership and management of the programme.

So here we are in Guyana, the home of our Worldwide Parenting Trainer Sheran Harper, where Central Mothers’ Union is hosting an international training for the WPP. We have 19 people from all corners of the globe joining together to attend this training.

It has been a long journey to reach this moment, and a lot of prayer was needed as we encountered many hurdles with flights, visas not coming in time, and of course the potential of luggage (and people) not reaching their final destination… But thanks to prayer and hard work, everyone arrived safely by Sunday night and we are now into day 3 of the training. 

We look forward to sharing more news with you all as the days go on, but for now here is a picture of the group together that shows the participants from; Jamaica, Canada, Argentina, Kenya, Solomon Islands, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, NECA and Windward Islands. It is a wonderfully diverse group of so many different nationalities as well as a diverse range of experiences within the parenting programme; from Guyana where parenting groups have been running for 10 years to the Solomon Islands where they are just completing their first successful parenting groups. 


This training symbolises the way that we as an organisation have improved how we work; this is the first international training for the parenting programme since 2009, and the first to be held outside of the UK. This really emphasises our commitment to South-South learning, recognising the great skills and wisdom found within Mothers’ Union volunteers and leaders around the world.

Please continue to pray as we gather for this exciting training, and plan ahead for an exciting future for the parenting programme worldwide…